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What Is Super Apprentice?


Every Journey Has A Motivation…

...A Reason You Started On It...

(What's Yours For Being Here?)

If You Want To Make Money Online... Your In The Right Place...


This journey I’m about to describe has been forged by many before you and many will come after you. The desire to seek out and learn this business is often fueled by a desperate need to make more money, find a new way to earn money that won’t wear you thin, or situations like losing a job can force you to try to make money any way you can with what you have left in your bank.

This isn't the only reason people find this business, many whom have been in internet marketing, web design, and the like, often stumble on the concept and attempt it but the source of information is less than honest, and nowhere near complete- let alone a full business model, so they fail and worse than that, they never return to try again with GOOD, RELIABLE, information... That…  is truly the real loss.

They often didn't fail, the information failed them. This business has been around almost as long as the internet itself, but until recently it was a closely guarded "formula" for making easy money online (easy doesn't imply no work just that the work WILL pay off!). When it was taught, it was always fragmented so the marketers (not businessmen) could always sell you the formula in pieces, but never- giving you the final and core component piece!

Although you may start this business for reason of desperately needing money, you will find later, when the money comes, that the fun your having, the way this changes your life, and in a very healthy and fun way challenges you (nobody can tell you what the matrix is, you have to experience it for yourself), in a drastic but tapered (takes time) way, will be much more valuable to you than the money.

Dave Kelly has created a site that not only puts the entire business into one interface, which also walks you by the hand through each step in the process! He even added all those "pay" tools available that you will need, built right into the site, free. The site is a manufacturing plant for specifically built sites that buyers are ALREADY WAITING for. This means if you build the site, promote it as the blueprint says, you can sell it for a guaranteed 8x your AdSense income. You can also go to and sell it for as much as 20x your AdSense income. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Allow me to explain.

The freedom this business gave me is priceless… the money makes the journey more fun, but it’s not the only real motivation- FREEDOM and liberation from the rat race is the root motivation for most people. If this is your goal, this business will be a god-send. Being wealthy is as much a life style in work and in play this business is. In a way learning this business helps you to wean into the lifestyle of wealth by



1. Giving you an appreciation of making money systematically that works and can be scaled

2. gaining appreciation for networking

3. It walks you through the entire business by just filling in the boxes that it becomes like the karate kid senses mentality of having Danielson wax on and wax off without even realizing he’s getting muscle memory lessons. By walking you through the hand this system, this site churning site, a step by step process all the way, you are “going through the motions” “wearing someone else’s shoes” until you learn it. As you do it, like Danielson on karate kit, you start to build muscle memory, only this muscle is mental muscles.


It used to be that only people with some serious skill sets in web design and marketing, and someone with a good chunk of investment capitol could do this business. Over the years, many companies have sprung out on the web but many more have popped up as tools to help the other sites and their customers do things more efficiently. These tools were created originally for one reason but evolved into an infrastructure, starting out as freemium or membership sites, and later becoming entire sites of tools in their own right.

One of the greatest parts of this business is when you get in and figure it all out, once you’re out there floating on your own pride, you will want to make your work easier so outsourcing is essential to your ability to scale and make more money. This in turn helps the economy by creating freelance jobs. You will love hiring and paying people to do the work you are tired of but that they love (still) like writing content.



This is Not Just A Business… It’s A Lifestyle.



This is not just a business, it’s an entire lifestyle… including money, fun, freedom, and passion, lot’s of creativity and passion. Sound Exciting? It truly is. Read on…

Money may be tight, but with the right tools and The Right Formula, you will find your disposable income, regardless of how tight your budget is, is more than enough to seed your journey. And this journey is what I’m about to describe to you in detail. I will go over the main points and you can click through and read the site with much more detail if you like.

For many, money is tight and things don’t look like they are going to get better anytime soon. This is the reality of our economy. The problem is that most people are working offline, at a brick and mortar company that could fold at any time, or lays you off. In essence your entire livelihood is in the hands of your boss, you’re at the boss’s mercy. If your sick and can’t work but they need you, you may have to go to work so you don’t lose that job. This is a form of extortion, and a hard way to make a living. Even if the money is good, your freedom is fragmented at best.



There IS a Silver Lining To The Down Economy

(This business is recession proof too!)


What you may not have thought about, however, is how the economy is forcing people to rethink, reevaluate, and reassess their current circumstances and income- Your/Their very way of doing things at the slightest levels is governed by how you feel, and how prepared you are will determine how safe you feel . Real security is a myth, but the closest thing you can come to real security is being prepared!



The Internet Is The Next

Generation Workforce...






More and more people are fleeing to the web to earn their living because, frankly, even with twice as many work hours put in, you will generate enough to live on and more, but more importantly, you will enjoy your work, and have less pressure on you and more ambition instead- control of your life.

Those who are lucky enough to have a job spend most of their time worrying if they are going to keep it while those who don’t have work and are seeking a job wonder if they are going to find one anytime soon.

Making money from home seems like a pipe dream to many. This is mainly because many people have no idea how to utilize the internet to generate their income. It’s new to most people and the very idea that you can make money “easier” online than the brick and mortar jobs, doesn’t seem to add up. The reason for this is there is nothing to contrast it against other than the real world. Once you get into this world, however, all doubts dissolve and are replaced with a better use of your energy- to fuel your ambition and livelihood!


The more you learn the more you will realize that this is not a pipe dream, but a reality that is about to become the norm in the next 10 years.


You can jump on board then when the market is saturated, or you can join the force now, own your own business, answer to yourself and your customers, and get in on the ground floor of one of the easiest most scalable and stable ways to earn a living while also updating the web with valuable information (your sites will be informative and built a specific way). It is possible if you know which formula to follow. Building a successful website isn’t so much a matter of luck or expertise as it is in following a formula.



Level Playing Field


In this respect the playing field is actually quite level- if you know what tools to use, study the vocation completely (this comes with experience and a good starting formula), don’t just follow a plan but know what your doing at the same time. If you blindly follow directions you can still make a ton of money but it may not be sustainable. Awareness needs to be heightened, you will need to make important decisions based on your own experience and knowledge… preparation is key to success in this respect. Don’t get impatient, and don’t procrastinate. These are the killers of ambition and success.

You have just as much power to earn money as the major corporations; this is the beauty of today’s internet infrastructure. It’s taken well over 20 years to reach the point we’re at today and the infrastructure that makes earning a living online possible has been here but until now it’s not been this easy to implement.

Using free services on the web, free tools, and a formula, anyone, even a teenager with little experience, could pull this off.

If you can follow a recipe and cook a palatable dish or read directions and put together a bookshelf, you can develop websites that will give you income comparable to a brick and mortar job- in time it could bring you much more than you’ve ever made or at the very worst, if you put in the elbow Greece (time), you will at least earn enough to (in time) quit your day job and do this full time- which means FREEDOM is your “raise”.

You will spend less time working while bringing in the same income, if not more. Best of all, you will be your own boss.  This means you make all those great creative decisions, and much more (like freedom to vacation without having to acquire permission! How about never requiring your alarm clock again?).



Flipping Real-Estate vs.Flipping Websites



When the housing market boomed, people decided to start flipping houses in order to make some extra money. This was a profitable business for some, but many ended up holding on to these homes for too long. When the housing market tanked, the profit was gone practically overnight. Now those in the business are lucky to get what they paid for the house without renovations. They are forced to eat the money they spent fixing the house up.

Flipping sites, however, unlike flipping real-estate, doesn’t require more than a moderate investment. If the investment tanks, you can recoup your losses quickly and try again unhindered.

If you write all your own copy, the cost is just what you pay for the membership to a site that contains all the tools you will ever need (of course you can use these or your own). We’ll get into that in a moment, but the point is that flipping sites is no more difficult (wayyyy easier and less expensive actually) than flipping real estate.

In fact, you could with enough sites, spend a thousandth of the same amount you’d pay to buy a piece of real-estate property and flip it but you could potentially make the same amount of profit from one sale with less money spent on sites and expenses.

Also your guaranteed 8x your AdSense income if you want to sell the site through the Super Apprentice member’s area buy back program. This means there are buyers waiting for your site to pay you top dollar for it, all you have to do is follow a program for building and promoting the site, and in 5 months you should reach 1.00 or more a day in AdSense income for your site. That’s all you need to earn to sell it for up to 20x your AdSense income over 3 months time!

This means if you build the site, follow the promotion advice, and follow the system exactly, your site could be worth as much as 1,000+ dollars with an expense as little as a domain fee (10.00 a year for the domain) hosting (you can get good hosting for 14.00 a month, unlimited domains can rest on this one account!) and the membership fee. (Membership is 50.00 a month but wait till you see what you get for that!).

How many businesses can you get off the ground for a mere 50.00 + domain + hosting (domain once a year hosting monthly). So for fewer than 100.00 you could have a business up and running!

Flipping websites can be done to make some extra money or as a full-time income producing business/career if you’re interested. The catch is that you have to know when to sell a website to make the most profit. Don’t be one of those home owners who thought they could flip a house for profit only to hang on to it for too long. You can sell your website and make a profit by knowing when to do so.  The system tells you how to build it, gives you an amazingly simple interface with built in high performing templates, and it tells you when to sell it for the most profit.

Very few people who set out to build websites for a living know when the right time is to sell. They also don’t know (and many courses skip this part on purpose to keep you buying more stuff, with SA the membership fee is ALL you pay beyond hosting and domain purchases) many other tips and tricks to make this whole process easier. There is a formula to follow and, if you do so, you can make a very nice living developing and selling simple 8-10 page (400 words each page) websites.

Not only will you be able to generate a good income, but you will also be able to do this in about half the time you would spend at a traditional job. The reason for this is simple. Automation. Over 95% of this can eventually be automated. This means more time for your family, friends and hobbies. Wouldn’t we all like to have more time to do the things we enjoy?



Flipping websites consists of a four step process



Step 1: Lather

Step 2: Rinse

Step 3: Repeat

Step 4: Scale/Automation/repeat


Each step must be followed exactly to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment, but again, you must take the time to comprehend the step fully so you can hone it into your set of tools/skill-sets in YOUR OWN WAY. Although many people are doing this business (and there is no real competition really). If you are willing and able to follow this process just as it has been designed, you will be able to make money from home.

Unlike other websites which tell you that you can earn thousands of dollars every second for doing absolutely nothing, this will require work on your part. It is not a get rich quick scheme or easy money- easier than most routes, but still requires work. Not hard work, but work none the less. You will have to be involved to make your business profitable.

On the other hand, you will be your own boss and can spend much less time doing so. You will find, however, that you feel well compensated for your time (and thinking about all the money you will make will also help) so you will GLADLY work 18 hour days to make it happen because every ounce of that work is for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.





The first step is the “Lather” phase. In this part of the process, you will be building your site. In order to make this site profitable, you will be using niche markets, AdSense topics and keywords to make your site one that others will want to come to. Choosing the right domain name and registration method are also looked at here along with how to develop content that search engines love.






Next in this process is the “Rinse” phase and this is where the money will be made. This is the step in the formula where you learn when you should sell a site. This is very important because, if you hold on too long, the site will lose value and you will lose profit. Where to sell your site and how much you should ask for it are also covered.  Best of all, this phase will even tell you how to write your ad to bring it to the notice of serious buyers.

Once you have started selling your websites, you will need to develop more/start scaling (growing like a franchise but your own business) to keep generating income. The process gets easier once you have done it a few times, you naturally start to comprehend it and build your own processes. Before you know it you will be the master of your domain- literally.

So you can start bundling your sites together while also building a buyer’s list (develop a rolodex of past buyers who will definitely want to buy again if you build more sites!). This portion will also explain how you can outsource work and save yourself time and still make a profit. You will need to outsource your work eventually, as it will be the only way to grow and keep up without killing your patience or becoming frustrated. You will need your mind for the rest of the business, don’t burn out in the writing phase, if you’re not a good writer you will need to outsource. There is built in outsourcing in the site as well as a few places you can go for cheap outsourcing (but high quality articles).


Repeat With Automation and Scaling:


Finally, you will receive automation as part of this formula. This will include everything from promotional tools to optimized templates. The work has been done for you. Plug and play is a lot of what you will be doing! This is a plug and play website development program which finds buyers for you also. What more is needed?

This business can be done quite easily by following the simplified here but elaborated on, on the sales page, four step processes. Once you become a member you have access to Dave Kelly’s Profit Loophole (slightly modified for this site)- the book is retail 147.00 but it free and the blueprint for this business!

Unfortunately, many who attempt this type of work fail as they don’t have all of the necessary information and people to buy their developed sites. Mistakes are made over and over again. Those who do build a successful website often do it by luck alone. This doesn’t have to be the case. 

By using this program and its four step formula, you will have everything you need to build a successful business and become your own boss. Have more free time for things that are important to you.



So basically- in a nutshell –



Super Apprentice is an active and dynamic Life-style, wrapped in a high ROI (return on investment); Stable, fun to operate business, dipped in gold coins. That's the metaphor answer. Essentially Super Apprentice is a well rounded business model surrounding an easy and fun "site Flipping" business model.

A COMPLETE business model including an incredible suite of tools that take most of the work out of the actual build process (you have access to a dynamic and growing base of templates designed to make money, automation tools for promotion, and more). I'm not saying this won't be some work, but I'd take tedious over harder or super complex work like accounting, wouldn't you?

I wrote this site to bring you a wealth of information based on my experience with Super Apprentice, my interactions with other members, and the hardest part for people to get- the mindset. My hope is to get people to sign up and join the fun, if nothing else to let you know that this business and many like it exist.  This business is a “realm”.

I say realm because once you get into this business, you will realize that the best part is that it's life changing, fun, and exciting- very dynamic, but also still when you need a break. Within a years time you could replace your job with an ethical, legitimate, and honest business you run 100% from your home, iPhone, or anywhere you can get online. ANYONE can do this, regardless of experience, vocation, skill sets (everything is taught inside).

Think of it like a school you attend for a year to get a financial and online money making education, you pay a tuition of 50.00 a month + expenses (hosting 8.00/mo | domains 9.00/ea)- so tuition would essentially be about 120.00 a month, you'd attend on the job classes (learn as you earn) where you will build simple but informative websites from scratch (with the help of templates and outsourcing you can automate it).

By the time you graduate SA college/work at home force, you will already have money to show for your "education". As you learn you also are going through the exact motions, even if you don't understand them at first. This is the beauty of the SA construct, a simple, take you by the hand (just fill in some boxes and it builds the entire site for you!).

By the time a year passes you may have made some money, or you may have only made it at the end of the year, but you will be ripe for taking the market at that point and producing enough sites (in automation fashion as I'll show you later) to draw in a steady 2k, 5k, 100k income. Realistically speaking your goal for wealth should be exactly twice your income now, not a cent more.

You MUST stay realistic. You could generate a an in come of say 10k a month your first year but realistically due to the learning, growing, and experience building, your first year will likely be unprofitable -fiscally, but highly profitable in other more important ways that are more important because you can now generate money easily, as if you were growing it in a planted pot. The only difference is the pot is your computer, the soil is the internet, the water is the traffic to your site/clicks on your ads, and the sun is your making an active effort to learn-learn-learn this and get it down cold in a years time. Even if you lose several hundred you learn enough to generate several thousand. Make sense?

It takes about 5 months to (if you follow the blueprint exactly) to gain the experience, insight, and comprehension of the entire concept, realm, and lifestyle (and how you can blend yours into it seamlessly!) but it may take a bit longer to realize “profit” in money terms, but you will experience immense profit in skill sets you can use to forever generate money from the web itself.

If you do everything as per the blueprint, you will learn a dynamic skill set and an entire business model that has been around since the beginning of the web. You will more than make up the lost money the first year with the second year’s profit. You may also generate it in the first year if you truly put your heart and soul into this.



I hope this overview didn’t overwhelm you. The next step is to click the link below and visit the Super Apprentice sales page.  (or click around this site to read much more about Super Apprentice.

This overview is covered here: Super Apprentice in much more excruciating detail :). If this sounds like a business you’d love to give a go to, click the underlined link labeled “Super Apprentice” in this paragraph or below to read the detailed write up and if you like what you read and need this, you can sign up. You will have 3 days, I believe (maybe more) to look around and play with the tools, before you have to pay and sign up officially. If you go through my link here I will help you in any way I can.

I’m active in the SA forum and have several sites of my own. I’d love to help you succeed :). If you have any questions leave a comment, or you can utilize my new "Live Chat" page to connect with me over Disgsby (everything you need is on the page, nothing to install just chat and I get it in my Instant Message Client (Disgsby). The link for that is below under “Chat Live with the webmaster” that’s me, Mr. Webmaster himself (Jerrico).

Take a LQQK at the Super Apprentice Sales Page, If you think this may be the business for you, read every word on the page linked to above (it roughly covers the same thing but in MUCH MORE detail), if after that your convinced this could be it, sign up, I believe there is a trial period where you can look around for a few days and if you don't want to keep going you cancel and nothing is charged to you (risk free trial for 3 days).

If you have any questions I'm glad to help. You can click the various links in the navigation panel on the left to learn MUCH more about SA and how this whole thing works (this page is a quick overview read more on the other pages). If I'm online I'd love to talk to you, below is how to reach me in real time: (Please keep in mind I'm not always online if I'm not here I won't receive your msg.).


Please Leave Comments and Questions below.


---> Chat With Me Directly Live, Here <---


(Mon-Fri I'm usually here 4p - 10p (pacific)


Click here to continue: Super Apprentice


Jerrico Usher

Super Apprentice Member





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